Presentation of the refurbishment of Saint Symphorien Metz

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The non french speaker supporters of FC Metz around the world (there are some) might be interested in knowing exactly what will happen to Saint Symphorien in the next three years. As you may have noticed, the stadium of les Grenats will be completely renovated from 2010 to 2012. The stadium will have a capacity of 35 000 people.

The different steps of the process are detailled here or here. First, the south stand will be extended (5 000 business seats). The locker room and all official areas will be renovated. The north stand (now named after the local newspaper, Républicain Lorrain) will also be extended to have the same height than the three other stands. Then, the corners of the stadium will be closed with stands and buildings (two of each in diagonal) The buildings will be for offices or student rooms. Finally, the roofs of the stands will be replaced by a homogeneous one.

A hotel, with a 3 level parking lot, will be added behind the south stand, depending of the capacity of the club to convince investors. There is a possibility to add a retractable roof, which will end the renovation of Saint Symphorien.

What about the cost of this refurbishment? Around 35M€ (without hotel or retractable roof), which will be paid by the city of Metz, the departement of Moselle and the club itself. We have no idea about the price of the hotel (around 10M€?). And the retractable roof is estimated at the price of 10M€. It will be added if Metz and France host the Euro 2016.

Metz wants to host this tournament. We are not favorite (again Nancy or Strasbourg), but we believe in our chance. If you want to help us, please join the Facebook group, where there are already 14 547 members.

Further details are available (in french) on the official website of the club. Do not hesitate to contact me for further questions. And sorry for my poor english :)

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